From Erie, Pa
Take Route 8 South until you come to Titusville where you will get on Rt. 27 or Rt. 36 (the road turns into only Rt. 36 at Pleasantville). You will stay on Rt. 36 going southeast until you come to the town of Leeper. In Leeper, at the red light intersection you will find a Red & White Grocery Store on one corner and a Uni-Mart on the other. At this intersection make a left and proceed approximately 6 to 7 miles until you come to the little town of Vowinckel. In Vowinckel, you will find the Vowinckel Hotel on the right side and immediately following this hotel; you would turn left on Kahl Road. Go approximately ½ mile and the lodge will be on the right side of the road, stone pillars sit out in front of the lodge..

From Ohio
Take I-80 East to PA Route 66 North exit 60 toward Shippenville. Proceed North on Route 66 until you arrive in the town of Vowinckel (approximately 20 miles). The Vowinckel Hotel will be on your right. Immediately following this hotel you will turn left onto Kahle Road. The lodge will be located approximately ½ mile on the right side of the road, stone pillars sit out in front of the lodge.

Shamrock Woods lodge is conveniently located within 0.3 miles of the North Country Trail  and 6.4 miles of Cook Forest State Park

Co-ordinates on Google Maps:
Kahle Rd. Entrance - 41.417255,-79.215176
St. Route 66 Entrance - 41.4168,-79.213577